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Creating Safe School Bus Environment in Africa

In regards to School Bus Safety, we want to share our integrated approach to designing a safe modern school transportation system in Africa.

Our future rides on safe school buses.

Every morning millions of children get onboard school buses to travel to classrooms that will prepare them, inspire them and influence who they are in the world. Every moment of that daily journey matters, and every one of those moments should ensure the safety and wellbeing of our children and our school bus drivers.

At MyShule , we are reimagining school transportation to create the most positive impact for our children, communities and for the environment. And ultimately, safety is the most critical factor that figures into everything we do. It is more than teaching safety, it’s about creating a safe school bus environment — from designing and implementing technology that makes every ride safer, deploying modern vehicles with the most effective safety features and the smallest carbon footprint, and most importantly ensuring that our school bus drivers and employees make safety a priority.

As we continue to evolve our own services and solutions, we look to our community of parents, school bus drivers, school admins and policymakers to  lead the way in best safety practices. Most recently we surveyed parents and learned that only 16% said they are extremely confident about a safe trip to and from school on the bus. We, at MyShule, want to be a part of the solution. We know we can do better for our children.  As we like to say, we need to rethink the trip.

"Safety has always been at the heart of everything we do.  As a father of two myself, I know what it is like to put my children's safety in the hands of someone else to get them to and from school. That's why, since day one, our secret sauce has been to provide superior safety and service for our children by pairing passionate and skilled student transportation professionals with the support of advanced training and modern technology. We are unwavering in this commitment still today."
Abedi Muange , CEO and founder of MyShule.

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