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The benefits of a school bus app

Being involved in student transportation can be stressful. The timeframe in which transportation happens can be made even more challenging when student transportation staff are responsible for the constant communication that comes from parents, caregivers, school staff and others who want to know where their child is. 

Focused on partnering with schools and school transportation, MyShule recognizes the importance of parents having full visibility into ride status, which is why we provide a minder app (which is available in the app store). Our minder/driver app empowers parents — or other caregivers who might not be parents — by putting this information right at their fingertips. This alleviates concerns and provides answers to questions that parents would normally have to call the school about.

Below, we recap the top ways the MyShule Driver/Minder app benefits school transportation teams. 

1. Streamlined caregiver communications

With real-time trip monitoring and status updates on all trips, parents and caregivers can see where their Rider is along the route and also get notified when their Rider has been dropped off. This visibility lets caregivers and school staff members quickly get the answer to “Where is my Rider?” — without having to call you. 

2. Fewer missed pickups

With real-time status updates that inform parents and caregivers of the Buse's  ETA and arrival for pickup, parents have ample time to make sure their Rider is ready. This helps to reduce the number of missed pickups and ensure all Riders safely get where they need to go.

3. More satisfied and engaged parents

With full-ride visibility, parents and caregivers can feel more involved in — and secure about — their Rider’s transportation. They can also provide feedback about the Driver/Assistant and the ride experience in-app. 

4. Added layer of safety

Since parents/caregivers receive ETAs and updates on pickup and drop-off, they know the exact moment their Rider will be leaving or arriving. Having insight into where their child is and when they arrive safely at their destination provides peace of mind. 

As a client of MyShule, we help you onboard your parents to your account through a series of onboarding online or physical meeting, as well as additional resources. If you would like to access these materials, reach out to us. 

If you aren’t a client of MyShule, reach out to us to learn more and get a free quote


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