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“In transit” should never mean “invisible.” The MyShuleApp system provides unparalleled end-to-end visibility into student trips for transportation staff and parents, and uses technology to detect unsafe driving behaviors.

Powerful and Intuitive Technology

Create, edit ,activate and cancel one-time and repeating trips within minutes in our easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

No other alternative transportation solution utilizes our powerful Safe Ride Support system, including advanced telemetrics, to ensure total ride visibility and safe driving behavior.

Transparency -You’ll Always Be in the Know

Our Platform enables Ride Organizers and users associated with a Rider’s account to track rides in real-time, and receive text and app notifications throughout the ride.

Transport managers can communicate status changes to parents immediately, so they’re never in the dark. They can also call or chat us directly — our Support team is available to help!

We have a direct line to Managers, which creates unparalleled transparency, visibility and communication between us, Minders, Ride Organizers and users associated with a Rider’s account.

We Are MyShule !

Every person in our organization is dedicated to helping kids get to their full potential. We’re seasoned professionals, caring parents, and committed advocates that believe we can make a difference by eliminating transportation challenges as a barrier to opportunity


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